JavaScript Insights at HTML5 Dev Conf

A few months ago, over chai freddos with my friend Ariya Hidayat, I was considering what a good, comprehensive toolkit for JavaScript looks like — I wanted to know what sets of tools professional JavaScript engineers use.

For example, what does Nicholas Zakas use at Box? And I thought, at the time, that it would be great to work on a significant product in order to be able to develop such a toolkit, and to find out for myself. Now that I have my new job at Microsoft/Yammer, I’m in a good place to do that. It’s a “careful what you wish for” moment.

Fast-forward to tomorrow, Ariya and I are co-presenting a talk at the 2013 HTML5 Dev Conf called JavaScript Insights. It’s an experiment, and I hope it goes well.

Ariya and I have very different backgrounds — geographically and professionally — but we are very like-minded. For example, we share the opinion that web development is a mess, it could be much better, and we like to find and suggest improvements for how we make software for the web. In essence, Ariya and I are best practices geeks.

We’re interested in web performance, but also maintainability, developer velocity and happiness. We want better lives for web developers. How do we make that happen? We find, make, and offer tools.

The presentation is distilled from one that Ariya has been giving for a while — a talk full of value and possibilities. This is our culling and organization of that content — I hope we’ve made it more palatable and practical.

And if I’ve made a mess of it, it’s only because tools for JavaScript are all over the place. It’s a challenge to deliver this content.

UPDATE: The presentation went pretty well. Here are the slides and the video.