I Heart My Robot: FrontendTest.com

Woohoo! I made the leap from web developer to entrepreneur.

I’ve created a web app for testing front-end code that I’m hoping I can one day call “The most comprehensive web site testing tool.”

I think it may already be the most comprehensive tool — READ: it tests a bunch of random things — but before I call anything I want to make sure that it works very well.

It’s different than any web site testing tool I know about. I doesn’t just spit out a bunch of line numbers with errors and warnings. It looks at your site holistically, gathers issues, sorts them, and delivers a report telling you what you should address first, and why it matters.

In this way it’s more of a hand-holding experience. I imagine it to be like a robot from an old sci-fi movie. It loves the flawed human captain of the ship, and it wants to deliver the best advice, based on data, in a soothing artificial voice that very hardly syncs with a pulsing red light. I will call the robot FET.

Please use it, it’s free and helpful: FrontendTest.