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Three options for sharp, responsive logos

Web developers and graphic designers don’t like to see blurry logos, like we often see on retina displays. Generally, we will “fix” a unsharp logo by serving a PNG that is twice the resolution. This is a decent solution, but not an ideal one. Rasterized graphics will always be resolution dependent. Logos, in particular, wants to be what they are: vector, or line art. Here are some suggestions for making a logo crisp and responsive: Continue reading

Smooth text everywhere!

My web browsing experience, at least at work, is still not beautiful. The text that I read has no font smoothing on Windows XP, in any browser but Internet Explorer.

As an aside, here’s why: Microsoft has ClearType turned on in Internet Explorer in XP (The most common OS) by default. The result of this is that all the other browsers look poor in comparison. Continue reading