Another Responsive Résumé Template

I’ve been wanting to share the HTML5 responsive résumé I built from scratch, but I hemmed and hawed thinking “Who even codes HTML resumes anymore? Don’t people just fill in their LinkedIn profile?” But hang on! It IS important.

If you are a web developer and you want an awesome job at some super cool startup, then your resume should look good, even on a phone, and your source code should be HTML5 and semantically marked up.

And just as importantly, if you’re an employer, you probably want to view source on a web developer’s résumé.

I was validated by A List Apart when they published A Case for Responsive Resumes and instad of thinking “Oh, well, it’s been done”, I’m finally sharing mine also, because there can never be enough responsive résumé templates.

You can download the files from github like this:

-> mkdir resume
-> git clone resume

Here’s my live responsive resume.

Here’s a link to the template that you would customize: template.html

To customize the template, simply replace whatever appears in braces — eg. {Your Name} — with your information.

Here’s an example desktop screenshot:
Responsive resume example desktop view

And here’s an example phone screenshot:
Responsive resume example mobile view